Song Review | "Wanderers" - Alamance

Song Review | "Wanderers" - Alamance
Spotify Cover: Alamance

Oregon-based rock/metal outfit, Alamance, released their newest single "Wanderers" on April 25th. The band features clean singing vocals over top of chugging, heavy instrumentals, bright chords, and high-quality production. "Wanderers" at first seems like a song that will only contain singing but the song switches to a buildup that bursts into screaming, growling, and energetic yet brutal instrumentals. This transitions back into Alamance's huge, anthemic chorus that fulfills a melodic and satisfyingly full sound.

"Wanderers" starts as an alternative rock song and begins to blend in metal inspiration as the song goes on before eventually launching into fully-fledged heavy metalcore/deathcore. Alamance has created an excellent track that appeals to listeners of many genres, with melody, powerful hooks,  and catchy instrumentals. In juxtaposition, it also contains screaming, chugs, double bass drumming, and heavy-hitting riffs. Fans of rock, metalcore, and deathcore will all really enjoy Alamance!

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