What Really Happened With Capulet Fest: Confirmed Inside Information

Capulet Fest has been facing massive backlash from all sides for their lack of communication, refunds, and support, but is all this backlash warranted? We had a chance to talk to some confirmed sources and here’s what we learned:

What Really Happened With Capulet Fest: Confirmed Inside Information
What Really Happened With Capulet Fest

What Is Capulet Fest?

Connecticut’s Capulet Fest, has been highly criticized over the last 2 days as the festival moved unexpectedly from the 13,o00 person-capacity Thompson Speedway to The Webster, a venue over 50 miles away with a much smaller 1,200 person capacity. After this news was announced on June 27th, one day before the opening day of Capulet Fest, over 20 bands have officially dropped off the lineup. Capulet Fest is being held from June 28th-30th.

What Really Happened With Capulet Fest?

Capulet Fest has been facing massive backlash from all sides for their lack of communication, refunds, and support, but is all this backlash warranted? We had a chance to talk to some confirmed sources and here’s what we learned:

Capulet Fest’s relocation had absolutely nothing to do with the hired production company or Thompson Speedway, as the festival may be trying to portray. Reportedly, the festival’s hired production company showed up to Thompson Speedway on Monday, June 24th with stages, lighting, and production equipment ready – only to discover that Capulet Fest was unable (or unwilling) to pay the production crew for their work. Thompson Speedway, the original venue, also requires liability insurance for all festivals which Capulet Fest was also unable to pay. After essentially shorting everyone that was needed to make the festival come together, Capulet Fest was left without a venue or production crew. All this happened on June 24th while no one involved was notified until 3 days later.

The overall lack of communication is what is leaving all parties upset, Capulet Fest made no announcement of the venue changes to bands or fans until less than 24 hours before the show, pissing off everyone that would be attending the festival - and rightfully so.

As the situation came to light and bands discovered the train wreck that was announced on June 27th, over 20 bands of the original 55, pulled out of the festival. With Capulet Fest breaking initial agreements with bands, it’s no surprise that nearly half the lineup would drop off. Many of the bands had already spent thousands of dollars to play the festival and have now have lost money because of Capulet Fest’s shady business.

The news of Capulet Fest has also caused some of the attending bands to cancel small tours along the way, effecting even venues in the Northeast United States. It’s unfortunate to see how this is impacting fans and bands across the US, with people that have attended multiple years of Capulet Fest stating on social media that they will never support the event again.

We hope that those who bought tickets are able to get refunds and that things are made right by the bands. Nothing More, Capulet Fest’s original Sunday headliner, had this to say about the situation.

“Despite our best efforts, unfortunately we wont be playing this show.
The band and our crew were all in Nashville rehearsing when we got the news that the promotor had lost access to the venue. Capulet Fest were able to find an alternate location for Friday and Saturday, but not for Sunday when we were scheduled to play.
Earlier today we were sent a proposed statement from the festival that was a blatant attempt to minimize their responsibility for the situation and even more egregious than that, it offered no solutions for refunds for people who bought single day tickets for Sunday, nor did it offer refunds for people that bought VIP Meet & Greet tickets through the Capulet Fest website.
"This is simply an unacceptable way of doing business and we have lost all respect for the way they are handling the situation. While we may have lost tens of thousands of dollars in crew costs, flights etc, this is nothing compared to a fan losing their hard earned money they spent on tickets to see a show and have a great time with friends and family.”

One of Capulet Fest’s partners Cowgirlzen Entertainment Publicity abruptly ceased association with the festival after receiving no contact from Capulet in the lead-up to the event. Cowgirlzen Entertainment Publicity made a statement on Wednesday reading the following:

“To the press list regarding the festival this weekend.

On Wednesday morning 6/26/24 due to absolutely no information or communication from the promoter responsible for the 3 day festival, I made the decision to no longer work on this project, and notified everyone on the media list I had been given only two weeks prior.

Please contact Capulet Entertainment regarding the festival and anything associated with it.”

All Bands That Have Dropped Off Capulet Fest

Nothing More, Senses Fail, Cold, 10 Years, Sleep Theory, Impending Doom, Gideon, Until I Wake, Zero 9:36, Glasslands, The Ongoing Concept, Lightworker, University Drive, Oyarsa VCTMS, Horizon Theory, Life In Your Way, Every Avenue, Makeout, and Saint Asonia.

Capulet Cancels Sunday

Capulet, which was originally slated to be a 3-day event ended early with the final day Sunday, June 30th being dropped. Fans, bands, and vendors have lost out in many ways as Capulet Fest turned out to be a huge disappointment all around. Many vendors spent hundreds/thousands of dollars in travel, lodging, and fees to ultimately not be able to vend as originally intended, with some vendors even paying for hotels provided by Capulet Fest and never receiving the room that was purchases.

Capulet Fest seems to be holding firm with their no-refund policy, which is concerning considering how many people have been screwed out of money on all sides, with Capulet Fest not holding up to their end of things in the slightest.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

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