Song Review | "Witch of The Swamp" - Blackjack Mountain

Song Review | "Witch of The Swamp" - Blackjack Mountain
Spotify Cover: Blackjack Mountain

Blackjack Mountain, a 3 man-heavy rock outfit from Georgia, released their debut album "Holding Time" in 2021. The song "Witch of The Swamp" introduces itself with a powerful and distorted guitar riff, opening up the song on a dynamic note. Groovy bass lines, drumming, and guitar work all work together to create a melodic and fulfilled atmosphere. The use of Strong and energetic singing joins together with the instrumentals to create an excellent first impression of Blackjack Mountain's music.

"Witch of The Swamp" blends genres such as rock, stoner metal, and experimental/psychedelic rock. These influences help Blackjack Mountain to create their own taste of sound that appeals to listeners. The 4-and-a-half-minute track takes the fan on a lyrical and musical journal with many changes and an overall groovy vibe. Check out "Witch of The Swamp" and the full album "Holding Time"!

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