World Premier - A Moment of Violence "BULLET"

World Premier - A Moment of Violence "BULLET"
A Moment of Violence - "BULLET"

Today we are listening to A Moment of Violence, a 2021-forming metalcore act hailing from South Florida. We will be taking an early look at the band's unreleased single "BULLET", which is coming to all streaming platforms on July 12th, you can pre-save here.

The track starts with dramatic building synths and heavily distorted electronic vocals before launching into hard-hitting guitar leads, distant choirs, and an explosive scream. A Moment of Violence builds melody through the use of catchy guitar melodies, gentle singing, and electronic elements. "BULLET" displays an excellent use of variety with gentle singing sections being contrasted by anthemic choruses with more passionate singing, meanwhile harsh screaming vocal sections showcase another drastic change in dynamics. A Moment of Violence creates an addictively catchy atmosphere in their huge choruses while still creating intensely heavy sections that any metal fan will be certain to enjoy.

"BULLET" is an impressive exhibition of what A Moment of Violence has to offer. The song is an energetic and exciting blend of modern metalcore, hard rock, and electronic-influenced genres. The track fades out with an emotional piano outro and gentle orchestral strings in the background. "BULLET" overall is a well-written and attractive song that leaves us excited to see more from A Moment of Violence. You can stream "BULLET" out everywhere on July 12th, or pre-save it here ahead of time!

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