YOKOVICH Releases New Single "Old Blood & Guts"

YOKOVICH Releases New Single "Old Blood & Guts"
YOKOVICH - Spotify Cover

Originating from Portugal, 4-piece alternative metal act YOKOVICH released their latest single “Old Blood & Guts” on June 27th. The band's lyricism and music is inspired by the members reflection on modern-day political and social issues.

“Old Blood & Guts” starts off with a suspenseful intro featuring dark synths, ringing phone lines, and an ominous talking sample. YOKOVICH explodes suddenly into heavy-hitting guitar riffage with a booming drum fill. Raspy singing creates an alternative vocal atmosphere while crushing instrumentals quickly form an intense classic metal style. The band’s thumping bass, impossibly fast guitar trills, and melodic vocals create an attractive sound that draws in the listener. YOKOVICH even launches into harsh screams, powerful guitar bends, and impactful drums, showing the band’s more extreme side. The song dives into the complex topic of ongoing wars around the world and the loss of life caused by them.

“What are they doing? What a hell way to die…” - YOKOVICH in “Old Blood & Guts”

Clocking in at just under 4 minutes, “Old Blood & Guts” is an impressive display of sound for YOKOVICH, especially considering it is the bands second-ever song release. Fans of classic metal, alternative rock, and heavy metal will definitely enjoy the raw, yet modern sound that YOKOVICH executes masterfully. You can stream “Old Blood & Guts” out on all streaming platforms now!

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