California Deathcore Band ZEALED Unleashes New Single “Divination”

California Deathcore Band ZEALED Unleashes New Single “Divination”

Hailing from Rialto, California, Zealed is proud to announce their single “Divination” is out now. The band’s exciting brand of deathcore is filled with brutally intense extreme vocal techniques, speeding riffage, and violent breakdowns.

Zealed establishes a dramatic atmosphere with building choirs, orchestral melodies, and ambient sounds that suddenly burst into an assault of extreme metal. Sudden and drastic changes in tempo between thrashing groovy sections and down-tempo breakdowns create powerful explosions of contrast.

“Divination” explores the concept of destiny and predestined fate through the lens of tarot cards. In their lyrics, the song’s narrator calls upon tarot cards to reveal the future and imply that our path is already determined. Mentioning celestial symbols such as the sun and moon, as well as dark omens such as death, and the plague, “Divination” is written with complex meanings and themes.

In tarot’s grip, we suffocate - Zealed

Nearly a year in-the-making Zealed is deeply excited with “Divination”, and as the band continues working hard, they are looking forward to their EP “Eschaton” which the band is currently creating. Their upcoming EP will feature “Divination” and explore the themes it introduced as well as themes from their previous releases.

Mixing ambient atmospheres with the rawness and brutality of deathcore, Zealed creates a memorable and pleasantly harsh sound with “Divination”. The Californian metal duo builds anticipation throughout the track, all leading towards two separate, crushingly heavy-hitting breakdowns. Zealed masters the use of juxtaposition between racing drum beats, slowed breakdowns, and deeply complex ambient atmospheres creating a truly attractive extreme metal style that is distinct to them.


Thrice, Bleeding Through, Adestria, Lorna Shore, Chelsea Grin, At The Gates


Christopher Marron - Instrumentals

Chris White - Lyrics/Vocals

Zealed - Divination (Song Cover)

Track list

1: Divination - (4:36)


“Divination” promises to deliver dark, atmospheric vibes that will captivate you from the very start. With Powerful vocals, eerie riffs, and symphonic elements, this track is set to become an instant favorite” - The Total Deathcore
“Zealed has something for every type of metal fan, mixing the styles of faster and more intense metal in the band’s personal style” - The Metalverse




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