Song Review | Actus Reus By Actus Reus

Song Review | Actus Reus By Actus Reus
Spotify: Actus Reus

Atlanta, Georgia band Actus Reus just released their debut album, "Mens Rea, Pt. 1". Today we will be taking a look at the 7th and final track "Actus Reus". This nearly 5-minute song starts with aggressive guitar chugging and fast-paced drums. The song kicks in with powerful lead guitar riffs and screaming/high-death metal vocals. The song has dramatic rests where the instruments cut out, this builds a ton of excitement and adds explosive energy to the music. Actus Reus goes into a groovy portion of the song before leading into guitar distortion and held-out notes that burst into a wicked breakdown. After this, a guitar solo is played over the breakdown, creating a full and well-crafted sound that fades out the song. Actus Reus is a band that mixes the heavy and groovy elements of metal. I would highly recommend that you check out their full-length album, "Mens Rea, Pt. 1"!  

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