Dopeghost - Media Kit

Dopeghost - Media Kit
Dopeghost - Bliss Junkie (cover)


Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts, Dopeghost started in 2015 and played alongside bands like Every Time I Die, Four Year Strong, and END, earning a slot on the Vans Warped Tour, garnering them a strong base of fans.

After preperations for a huge tour in 2020, the world came to a halt due to the pandemic. Dopeghost is now back with a strengthened resolve and more ready than ever before, releasing their most crushingly heavy EP to their catalog, “Bliss Junkie”.

Latest Work:

“Bliss Junkie” takes an aggressive sound and mixes it with dynamic instrumentals and screams to create a powerful blend of hardcore, punk, heavy metal and hard rock. Explosive screams and growls are contrasted by haunting singing vocals to create a strong mix of melody and harshness. With a dark and ominous sound, Dopeghost masterfully crafts ambient atmospheres that create a dramatic shift from heavier sections filled with guitar chugging and extreme vocals.

Dopeghost displays a new sound filled with a powerful sense of raw energy and earth-shattering heaviness. Mixing clean vocals and screams, the “Bliss Junkie” EP keeps a fresh and excellently varied sound that leaves you wanting more.

Refining their craft, Dopeghost is back and bigger than ever, leaving fans excited to see what direction Dopeghost will explore in the future. Delve into Dopeghost’s latest work with “Bliss Junkie”, out now.


Hardcore, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock


David Mitchell (Guitar & Vocals)

Alex Phaneuf (Drums)

Dan Archambeau (Bass)

Tom Rhodes (Guitar)

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