How to Write an Effective Music Press Release: Rock and Metal Bands

Music press releases can be an incredibly important aspect of music promotion. The goal of a press release is outreach for media/newscoverage - aka blogs, radio, and influencers. Bands use press releases to increase exposure, reputation, and gain attention from new sources of media.

How to Write an Effective Music Press Release: Rock and Metal Bands
How To Write an Effective Press Release for Rock and Metal Bands - The Metalverse


What Is A Music Press Release?

A Music Press Release is a concise and clear write-up describing an important event in your band – song/album release, tour, interview…etc. A music press release should be an attention-grabbing article that targets media sources for coverage.

Why Are Music Press Releases Important?

Music press releases can be an incredibly important aspect of music promotion. The goal of a press release is outreach for media/newscoverage - aka blogs, radio, and influencers. Bands use press releases to increase exposure, reputation, and gain attention from new sources of media.

How To Write A Compelling Music Press Release

Create an attention grabbing headline

Your headline is the very first thing that media outlets will see so it needs to be informative, exciting, and descriptive. Make sure to include your location, band name, and draw attention with a powerful title.

Example: London’s Very Own SLEEP TOKEN Unleashes Electrifying 3rd Album “Take Me Back To Eden” on May 19th

Write a captivating opening paragraph

If your headline catches someone’s attention the first paragraph is what will seal-the-deal. Make sure to hype-up your band and include why what you are doing is important and exciting.

The first paragraph should be a short excerpt that explains the most crucial details of the press release while following paragraphs delve more into other topics like the creation or concept of the music.

Include Important Details

You want to make everything as convenient as possible for media outlets that are considering covering your band, therefore you should include everything they might need to know. We recommend including details like; where you are from, why it’s important, what you‘re doing, when the release/event is happening, and anything else you think they might want to know about you.

The more sources you can add, the better. Showing relevance through other press and quotes is an excellent way to show your band’s importance and give media great sources to reference and utilize to better understand/cover your band!

Adding a quote from the band members or lyrics is another great idea that media outlets often love to include.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Music Press Releases

Overwhelming with Information

As a music blog ourselves, we can’t stress enough the importance of not loading up too much information into your press release. If you send out a 10-page press release, chances are most media sources won‘t even bother skimming through it. Make sure you keep your writing concise and only include what is relevant to media outlets.

Lack of a Clear Call To Action

Your press release should have a direct purpose, make it clear what you are asking for or hoping to achieve. If you are announcing an upcoming album, make sure to include early download links so blogs/radios can premier your music or create some press in advance. If you are announcing a tour or big show, include dates, locations and names.

Make sure whatever your are trying to achieve with your press release is direct and the purpose is clear to who you are sending it to.

Ignoring Your Target Audience

When you are distributing/creating your press release keep in mind your audience; who is the person you are trying to target? Only send the release to blogs, influencers, and radio stations that are in your genre and have audiences that you are trying to target.

The Role of a Music Press Publicist

What Does A Music Press Publicist Do?

A Music Press Publicist is a professional who writes a press release for you and then distributes it to their personal media contacts across various radios, blogs, and influencers.

Benefits of Hiring A Music Press Publicist

  • Many media/radio contacts are hard to reach unless you have a line of contact with them already, press publicists act as a third-party to talk to news outlets for you that otherwise would not respond to submissions.
  • Publicists have years of experience with what works (and doesn’t), helping you create the most effective and successful press release possible.
  • You can utilize quotes from a professional press release for other aspects of your band like bios, Electronic Press Kits, and pitches.
  • Press publicists handle all aspects of writing and distributing a press release for you, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects of music/promotion and connecting with your fans.
  • A well-done press release can help build awareness, create a portfolio of press links, and help with overall promotion efforts.

Do I Need A Music Press Publicist?

If you don’t mind doing research and building a list of contacts, creating your own press releases can be a cheaper alternative, although most bands opt for hiring a professional music publicist as professional campaigns are typically much more successful.

Where To Get Rock and Metal Press Releases?

Music publicists have lines of contact with blogs, radios, and influencers and will have a much higher chance of getting your music featured on these sources. Many media outlets are more likely to check out a press release from a publicist’s name that they already recognize.

The Metalverse: Rock/Metal Press Release Campaigns

With a community of tens of thousands of fans that visit our site per month, The Metalverse is a blog that help bands increase exposure, internet coverage, and provide useful promotional tools and content.

If you are a rock or metal band that is looking for industry-leading press campaigns, we offer fully customizable press releases which we will write and share to our high-traffic blog. We pitch to the biggest internet radio stations in the world and to our vast connection of blogs, influencers, and more!

Want to learn more? You can contact The Metalverse to talk more so we can create a personalized music marketing campaign for you. Message us here.

What We Offer:

Professional Press Release - we will create a private link which will be shared with you for your personal use and also send to our list of contacts, after release it will be posted to our popular metal blog.

Pitch to Radio - we will pitch to our contacts in the #1 and #2 biggest rock/metal radio stations, among many others.

Pitch to Blogs - we will send the press release to dozens of relevant blogs

Contact Popular Influencers - we will reach out to huge social media influencers to get your music featured across huge audiences

Spotify Playlist Placement -we will put your music on one of our curated playlists that fits your music.

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